About Us

The HOKIhome family company was founded by Jiří and Michal Ledr. Jiří brought years of experience in electronics development to the company and Michal brought his experience from the business and financial sector.  From the beginning, our vision has been built on the idea of sustainability and conservation of natural energy resources. Our relationship with nature and our sense for innovation are very important to us.

We know that with every reduction in energy consumption we achieve in your home, we also save the environment and your monthly expenses. HOKIhome is a company that focuses on complete consulting and delivery of smart technologies to your home or business. We approach all solutions in such a way as to make your everyday life easier.

We want to spend our time with our families and more important things than taking care of our household. That's why we came up with the concept of carefree living.

Our ideas are very much in line with Japanese philosophy, and that is where our name comes from. In Japanese the word for carefreeness is 放棄する (Hōki suru) from which we borrowed the word Hoki to create the concept of HOKIhome.

Solární panely

Our advantages


we can connect all the technologies for you into one complex.

Brick-and-mortar branch

You can try everything we offer at our Showroom in Česká Třebová.


We cooperate with the largest Czech banks and so we can offer you a wide range of financing for whatever you choose from us.

Comprehensive solutions

you can solve everything with us at one table; starting with consulting, through the delivery of the technology, its installation, and possible service.

Not Sure Which Technology to Choose?

We will be happy to advise you!
We provide our consultations for free; do not hesitate to contact us!

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