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Heating, air conditioning, underfloor heating, and much more


It will bring you financial benefits such as - savings on hot water and heating of your house, ventilation, and other technologies. It will also ensure the operation of lights and essential appliances for running your home during power outages.

Rainwater harvesting

It will allow you to flush your toilet or automatically water your flowers with this water, which is otherwise often unused. This solution is not only environmentally friendly, but it will save you up to 40% of your monthly water costs.

Home security

It is not only a solution against uninvited guests, but it also prevents fire and other possible undesirable situations. From smoke and motion sensors, to window sensors, flood sensors, cameras, and much more.


It will replace the stuffy air in your room with fresh one, and at the same time, ensure that the temperature in your room doesn't drop as it usually does when you open the windows. This way, recuperation can reduce your monthly heating costs and provide you with good quality, fresh air. Thanks to recuperation and its built-in filters, unwanted mould, pollen, and other allergens that could unpleasantly compromise your health will disappear.

Smart home

It is a home that can solve everything for you. It turns on the lights when you need them, adjusts your blinds to the sunlight, or lets you remotely open the door for a visitor or check whether you haven't left some appliances on when you left on holiday.

Heat pumps

They bring an environmentally friendly way to heat the home with low running costs. A properly designed heat pump, which is regularly and professionally serviced, exceeds a 20-year service life.

Air conditioning

It is able not only to cool and clean the air, but also to reduce humidity. This prevents the formation of mould and bacteria that have a negative impact on our organism. Besides, too humid air damages masonry, appliances, and furniture. Air conditioning thus prolongs their life. With air conditioning, the air can be cooled in summer and warmed in winter..

Making cleaning easier

Get the robot vacuum cleaner involved and save hours of your free time. You'll use much less energy than with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Robots will vacuum and mop the floor for you, but the great thing about them is that thanks to their low noise level, they can also clean at night or during the day when you're at work.

Ecosystem Ecosystem

We can connect all the technologies for you into one complex.

Brick-and-mortar branch Brick-and-mortar branch

You can try everything we offer at our Showroom in Česká Třebová.

Financing Financing

We cooperate with the largest Czech banks and so we can offer you a wide range of financing for whatever you choose from us.

Comprehensive solutions Comprehensive solutions

You can solve everything with us at one table; starting with consulting, through the delivery of the technology, its installation, and possible service.

Our Vision

From the beginning, our vision has been built on the idea of sustainability and conservation of natural energy resources. Our relationship with nature and our sense for innovation are very important to us.

We know that with every reduction in energy consumption we achieve in your home, we also save the environment and your monthly expenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I solve everything with you?

We solve each implementation with you comprehensively and tailor it to your needs. The construction or reconstruction of a house is a very time-consuming and financially demanding issue, which in practice means for the customer to coordinate sometimes even more than 7 different artisans.

And we know that not everyone wants to take many days off work and spend their evenings studying professional articles or looking for artisans without having sufficient experience.
On top of that, you can try out all of our technologies, including consumables, in our Showroom.

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