Why should I solve everything with you?

We solve each implementation with you comprehensively and tailor it to your needs. The construction or reconstruction of a house is a very time-consuming and financially demanding issue, which in practice means for the customer to coordinate sometimes even more than 7 different artisans.

And we know that not everyone wants to take many days off work and spend their evenings studying professional articles or looking for artisans without having sufficient experience.

On top of that, you can try out all of our technologies, including consumables, in our Showroom.

In most cases, the problem arises especially when the customer chooses more than one technology. We often encounter the fact that the technologies cannot communicate with each other and so you need a separate application for each technology (heat pump, heat recuperation, photovoltaic energy overview, garage door control, etc.). This is very annoying in practice and it takes you a lot of time to accomplish what you are planning to do.

We Have a Solution to This Issue

We have tested all the technologies we offer and we can combine them into one working complex, where you control everything with one well-arranged application. The technologies know about each other and can thus cooperate efficiently and exchange important data (outside or inside temperature, humidity, current electricity consumption, etc.) for the smooth operation of your home. We can supply individual technologies separately, but if you choose more than one, we will combine everything into a functional and easy-to-use complex.


The Main Advantages of Solving the Issue with Us:

  1. You can try all the technologies we offer at our Showroom in Česká Třebová.
  2. You don’t need a lot of training and even more hours spent on the phone with technicians regarding all the technologies you have in your house, but you can arrange everything you need by yourself using a single application.
  3. We will handle everything for you, starting from the original idea in your head, through the design of the solution, project documentation, installation, and any subsequent service.
  4. We will be happy to arrange subsidies for technologies supported by the state.
  5. We are able to arrange financing for everything you choose from us, as we cooperate with most Czech banks on the market.