Heat pumps

  1. Subsidies of up to CZK 180 000

  2. Financing at our branch with zero cash

  3. Reduced electricity bills

How a Heat Pump Works:

A heat pump removes heat from the surroundings of the heated object (air, water or ground) and transfers it to the heat circuit for house heating and hot water heating. This is made possible thanks to the compression of the refrigerant vapours in the compressor, which heats it up.

But How to Get Heat from a Place Where It’s Cold?

The refrigerant flowing in the heat pump is always cooler than the surrounding area and can thus absorb the temperature difference even at really low temperatures. Thanks to this principle, the heat pump can extract heat even from air with a temperature of - 20°C. Extracting heat from such low temperatures is slightly less efficient, but still advantageous.

Why Choose a Heat Pump from Us?

Easy Operation

The heat pump recognises when to heat and when not to heat; you can select the temperature using your mobile phone or thermostat.

Affordable Price and Timeless Design

A wide selection of heat pumps to suit every home.

Many Years of Warranty and Easy Maintenance

5 years warranty and up to 10 years for selected compressor types, with an average proven equipment life of more than 20 years for almost all models we use.

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